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Don Juan DeMarco – An Important Movie About Love




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Q. Lewis, I am passionately in love with someone who does not feel the same way. The situation is driving me crazy. I know there are many different types of love. Can you recommend a movie that deals with the psychology of romantic love?

A. The film Don Juan DeMarco is one of my favorite films. about love.  One of my favorite sayings is that an extraordinary person has to act insane to themselves in order to appear normal to common and ordinary thinkers. This film is one of the greatest illustration of this idea. We all have our  own personal narratives, but how many of these narratives are delusional at best and self-destructive at worse. It is only with serious ruthless introspection that we way dig our way to the truth of who we really are. This film is about these very issues.

Here are the details and the trailer:


Don Juan DeMarco (1995) 

Genre: American Romantic Comedy-drama film

Director: Jeremy Leven

Cast: Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp, Selena, Faye Dunaway, Rachel Ticotin, Bob Dishy

Géraldine Pailhas

Plot: Psychiatrist Jack Mickler (Marlon Brando) dissuades a would-be suicide – a 21-year-old man who is costumed like Zorro and claims to be Don Juan (Johnny Depp), who is then held for a ten-day review in a mental institution. Mickler, who is about to retire, insists on doing the evaluation and conducts it without medicating the youth. “Don Juan” tells his story – born in Mexico, the death of his father, a year in a harem, and finding true love (and being rejected) on a remote island. Listening enlivens Mickler’s relationship with his own wife, Marilyn (Faye Dunaway). As the ten days tick down, and pressure mounts on Mickler to support the youth’s indefinite confinement, finding reality within the romantic imagination becomes Jack’s last professional challenge.

Running time: 97 Minutes

Language: English

Color: Yes


The trailer for Don Juan DeMarco



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