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A Simple Introduction to the Concept of Influence

Influence is a general term used to describe any event or process where one entity (be it a person, corporation, government, religion, media organization, etc) can change either directly or indirectly another entity’s thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. Where there is power, change is precipitated. With human beings this change will generally take place concerning a belief, an attitude, the possession of physical wealth, and the use of influence in its various forms.

Many theories, techniques, and tips can be used to create influence. Most of these affect us through our ways of thinking, and our emotions. In fact, there is a deep link between how we think and how we feel. Mark Salem, a noted entertainer and mentalist, stated on a 60 Minute interview with Mike Wallace, “For every thought there is a physical reaction.” Salem and many other noted mentalists have the uncanny ability to sense what a person will say or do, and at times even influence what they will say or do by reading hundreds of small signs, known as “cues.” In a stage show, Salem and his peers can perform what I like to call “slight of mind tricks,” as if they can read the future or know what a person is thinking. What we are actually doing is watching a Master of Influence at work. Like the Don Juan pick up artist who can capture the heart of a woman by saying or doing a certain thing in a certain way, or the powerful Evangelist, Billy Graham, who can get a church group jumping with a brilliant sermon, these stage entertainers have an understanding of why influence plays an important role for all of us in society no matter who we are.

The RealUGuru Lewis Harrison

More often than not it is fair to say that “the more effective you are at influencing others and your surroundings the more effective you are at dealing with the challenges, obstacles and problems of life”.

A person who cannot “read’ the subtle signs that surround them and respond effectively is likely to have unnecessary stress and make poor decisions because of this stress. Interesting if you asked such an individual “why do you have so much unnecessary struggle” it is unlikely they could give you a definitive answer or more likely they will blame others or the environment.
I always tell my students that there are two fundamental ways to become financially independent:

  1. Increase your income
  2. Reduce your expenses.


To learn more explore my e-books That is what they are about – Reading subtle cues and responding effectively by determining, guiding, controlling, shaping, governing,  and influencing people, places, and things.


Spiritual, Not Religious by Lewis Harrison

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