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Creating Meaning and Self-awareness through Story Telling

The Story-Telling, Game Theorist, Troubleshooter and Common Sense Problem-Solver

(Merging Intellect with Intuition to Solve Problems)


Q. Why is storytelling so important as a tool for self-awareness?

A. Many people have no sense of who they are separate from the story they have created for themselves.  Like an actor in a movie all they are doing is living their idea of the “wife” story, the “husband” story, the “employer” role, reciting the “employee lines” etc.  Much of what you think of as your personal, factual history is really a mix of fact and fiction filtered through your memory. Living life like this is to be a prisoner of your self-created past. For many, this is often frightening to hear.  It is as if who you think you are, is not really who you are. But that “who you are” is based on what you remember as being your truth. It does not matter whether it makes you happy or sad, or is true or not, only that you believe that it is true.

It soon becomes clear that at some point in time you will remember things that were once forgotten.  Even when you remember these events clearly, there is always the chance they might not have happened exactly as you have remembered them.  Have you ever reminisced with a friend about some event, and this person had a totally different recollection of what you remember?

If you realize that life is a type of game, then you have the freedom to reinvent who you are.  It is not as if you are creating a lie but rather are taking a look at the facts of your past from a new and different perspective.

What you recall probably did happen, just not exactly as you may remember it. This same event is remembered differently by others. In looking back at that event, you must realize that the memory you have of it was seen through your eyes when you were a younger person. How old were you when the event took place? What were your beliefs at that time? Who were your influences?


On the Wisdom Path, you can re-invent your story.  You can re-invent the game of your life and by doing so you can experience a type of freedom that you never imagined possible. Now I’m not suggesting you lie about your past. I’m recommending you meditate on what you have been, done and who you are now.


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