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Donald Trump is my President.

He may be a Lousy One, But He is My President Nonetheless.

I keep reading people writing, posting blog and shouting out “Trump stole the election.  He is not my President”. I like ideas and discussions about them…Here are some thoughts.

I think this kind of thinking and speaking is a dangerous trend.

Donald Trump is my President!

I don’t like him, what he stands for, what he says and does and I did not vote for him. I think he is an evil Trickster and that America is just a Rubik’s Cube to him as he moves the pieces around.

Still he is my Present. I have lived in the jungles in a very poor developing country. The end of Democracy arrives when comments like “He is not my President” get put into action. The divisions become irreversible.


…And so with that in mind I say sadly, Donald Trump is my President. He won the electoral college.  Even if he had lost the popular vote by 20 million instead of 3 million votes. He is my President

Yes, It is all a game to him. Yes he may be clueless.



If he violates the law I hope he is impeached and if he violates it badly enough maybe jail is where he goes

Now I ask you this. If you feel he is not your president, what are you doing about it? Are you an activist, a marcher, a protester or do you just sit home, go to work, hang with your friends and smugly complain about Donald trump and his ilk?


Donald Trump is my President, just as Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, Bush 1, Reagen, Carter, Ford, Nixon, and Johnson were my President’s. I will fight the good fight but I will not complain and whine.

No matter how flawed our system is I prefer it to a real dictatorship or a theocracy. I’ve lived in them.

Donald is my President. He has started off badly as far as I am concerned

Still, I hope he does well for all of us. If he doesn’t we all pay the price.

Just some thoughts.






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