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Game Thinking and How to Make Wise Decision


This blog is an extract from the E book:

“Common Sense: Tips, Tools and Strategies for Effective Decision Making” by Lewis Harrison


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“Power and wealth are fleeting concepts without influence as their foundation. Many of us make poor decisions because they do not understand this basic idea.”

Why is influence and power so important?  They are tools that enable us to get our needs met. We all have needs, and in each of our days in one way or another we dedicate our time to fulfilling those needs.  Once we have secured our fundamental needs like food, water, shelter we begin to explore other less essential but still important needs like general comfort, and human interaction and fun.

Achieving power and influence requires exploration of people and ideas.

Often in the process of fulfilling these needs we encounter obstacles – situations, objects, events, and people who are in the way.  They way be naturally occurring obstacles: our own physical limitation,  or Mt Everest for example –  or may have been placed in front of us with the intent of keeping us from getting our needs met. An example of the later might be the “Cabaret” Laws in NYC that prohibit patrons of small clubs from dancing even when live music is being played.  Some obstacles exist for good reason and others seem senseless. But the highly conscious, self-actualized person when fully utilizing their talents, capacities and potentialities can usually transcend these obstacles with little difficulty.

That leaves the rest of us.  Well meaning, mildly talented, and at times extra-ordinary individuals who must somehow transcend the obstacles. All we can do is keep our eye on the prize we desire while evaluating the obstacles and evaluating ourselves. Once these three factors are in play and we are clear of the nature of the playing field we can then go under, over, around or through the obstacle, confident that we will achieve our goal at a low physical and emotional cost and with great benefit.

One of the most effective ways of guaranteeing that you will achieve any goal is to possess the power to remove the obstacles, have them removed on our behalf, even make them disappear. This is done by understanding cause and effect.


Lewis Harrison is a writer, content-rich, motivational speaker, mentor and success coach. He is an entrepreneur specializing in, applied game theory, Game Thinking and problem Solving

Known as the RealUGuru. Lewis is the author of over twenty-two books published in five languages. 

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