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How Life Hacking Can Amazingly and Radically Change Your Life


 Learn how the application of the right strategies, tools, tactics, tips, and shortcuts, can help you to become more efficient, effective, precise, productive, accurate, self-aware, and financially successful.


On the most basic level life-hacking can:

  1. reduce your food costs,
  2. reduce your cash expenditure for clothing and home furnishings,
  3. show you how to reduce lifestyle expenses like your gym membership, vacations, etc.
  4. show you how to expand your problem-solving skills, and make wiser decisions.

Though many Millenials use technology to produce life-hackers those born in the 1930s and onward can use their life experience to produce effective shortcuts as well.


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What is a life hack and why is it important?

A life hack (or life hacking) is any trick, shortcut, skill, tool, technique, strategy,  or novelty method that increases EEPPASA (efficiency, effectiveness, precision, productivity, accuracy, and self-awareness) in all walks of life.




In the modern vernacular the phrase “to hack something is more often used to describe an inelegant but effective solution to a specific computing problem, or for that matter, any other type of problem.



The ability of the Life Hacker to use various tips, techniques, and strategies to bypass obstacles or avoid constraints using technology is a skill that earlier generations may have dreamt about but were never able to put into action. Millennial Life Hackers often have unique skills that can produce efficient, effective results never imagined before and supported by recent research in psychology and the cognitive sciences.


If they use them effectively they can create greater freedom for themselves, and also make a major, and positive difference in the world.

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About the author: Lewis Harrison is a skilled Life Hacker,  and a problem-solving futurist. He offers Results Coaching, and uses predictive analytics and applied game theory to isolate cost-effective solutions for my students and clients.  can teach you these skills as well.

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