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How to Use Applied Game Theory to Reduce Corruption In American Elections



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Q. How could we use game theory and Harrison’s Applied Game-based Thing to reduce corruption in the American electoral process?

A. People often complain about corporate money, and lobbyists controlling our election process. This really is a problem, yet there is a solution – Change the rules of the game. This video is a guide on how to get started.

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The truth is that corruption grows quickly where there are weak institutions and the development of strong institutions in any nation tends to happen at an extremely slow pace.  It appears on close observation that countries require four key elements to reduce  corruption:

  1. a strong legal framework,
  2. Visionary, competent and committed leaders,
  3. Sustained public support
  4. Hero’s who are willing to expose corruption even under the threat of death.

The first element is basic enough for many developing countries especially in Latin America  (where much of the jurisprudence is based  on the US constitution). Of course it is one thing to have a law and something else all together to enforce it. Sady, concerning element two when courageous individuals have stood up for probity, they are they often ignored, ostracized or if threatening to a vested interest even assassinated.

The third ingredient – popular mobilization against corruption – has been the most difficult to obtain. Often corruption becomes so integral  to a system, especially when it comes to employment of poor people by a corrupt local government, that in many countries in Latin America and in the Philippines there has been a  historic tolerance of  pilfering politicians especially for those politicians who in spite of their corrupt behavior seem to get some things done.

Of course there was the People Power revolution that overthrew the Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines and in Latin America. Things  seems finally to be changing. More than ever citizens are taking to the streets to say of corruption: ya basta (enough is enough). This seems to be a pattern forming across the continent rather than isolated protests against specific policies that harm their particular interests. Across all ethnic groups and economic classes  demonstrations are taking place.

Moreover, unlike in the past, today’s corruption scandals are being investigated and prosecuted with unprecedented independence. For the first time Courts in countries as diverse as Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Guatemala are indicting and imprisoning jailing high level business people and politicians.

In the United States the solution may be unique; to change election policies o a local level and have this produce a ripple effect that will change things, and reduce corruption on a Federal level. This includes reducing the stranglehold the two major parties have on the election process.



I was recently informed by my friend Robert of a movement that is forming to change the election process and reduce election corruption from the ground up. If you want to make a difference in the world please watch this short video with Michel Douglas on reducing Federal Election corruption, by changing how the election process works in the states.





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