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Is there any Limit to Human Potential and Personal Development?



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Q. Lewis, I really want to achieve peak performance in all aspects of my life. Is there any limit to Human Potential and Personal Development?


A. I would say “no”. When teaching a Master Life Coaching class in HAGT (Harrison’s Applied Game Theory), I often like to ask my students if they believe, aside from limitations presented by the laws of physics if is there’s a limit to human potential. Most smile, amused by the question, and by the fact that had never really thought about that before.







The fact is aside, from limitations presented by the laws of physics there probably are no limitations to human potential. One of the things that we can do in our lives is put a little time into contemplation, and introspection concerning our strengths, weaknesses, and what is our process concerning self-improvement and personal development.


Let’ explore the very concept of human potential. Human potential is the capacity for humans to improve themselves through studyingtraining, and practice. It is the ability to reach the limit of our ability to develop aptitudes and skills. Inherent within the notion of human potential is the belief that by reaching our full potential an individual will be able to lead a happy, and more meaningfully fulfilled life.

The term, potential, generally refers to a currently unrealized ability. The term is used in a wide variety of fields, from physics to the social sciences to indicate things that are in a state where they are able to change in ways ranging from the simple release of energy by objects to the realization of abilities in people.

The philosopher Aristotle incorporated this concept into his theory of potentiality and actuality, a pair of closely connected principles which he used to analyze motion causalityethics, and physiology in much of his written work.

That which is potential can theoretically be made actual by taking the right action; for example, a boulder on the edge of a cliff has the potential to being pushed over the cliff that could be actualized by pushing it over the edge of the cliff, and a person whose natural aptitudes give them the potential to be a great pianist can actualize that potential by diligently practicing playing the piano.

The concept of developing potential is sometimes described in terms of becoming the best version of oneself. Persons who are believed to have a degree of potential that they do not pursue are often described as having failed to “live up to their potential”.









Early conceptions of human potential suggested that the full potential of any person was innate in that person from before their birth, possibly from the moment of their conception. More recent definitions have encompassed both internal and societal influences.

According to the American Psychological Association, a human-potential model is an approach in the field of Education that “emphasizes the importance of helping learners to achieve the maximum development of their potential in all aspects of their functioning”. It is related to and draws from the associated field of humanistic psychology.


The systematic exploration of human potential can be traced to the Human Potential Movement, which was a particular counterculture movement started in the 1960s with a focus of maximizing human potential. It was influenced by the work of those such as Abraham Maslow, and took the form of a type of psychological philosophy based on what he called psychological theory regarding behavioral motivation and self-actualization.


So, where does all this leave us ordinary mortals? Let’s us observe people who have done better than almost anyone else on the planet in their particular domain of expertise – Michael Jordan in basketball, Tiger Woods in golf, Picasso as a painter, Martin Luther King in civil rights and human rights,  Nelson Mandela in politics and nation-building,  Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Carlos Santana on guitar, Tony Robbins in the world of Life Coaching, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, and  Dizzy Gillespie, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison,  Salvador Dali, and my mentor Harvey the engineer and game theory pioneer Harvey Slatin. What is it that made them unique. Was it raw talent, talent, and discipline, or is it something else that we all have access to.


Within my coaching system Harrison’s Applied Game Theory we often talk about 24 core resources, these are qualities that any intelligent and motivated human being has at some minimal level. Among these resources are time, space, information, influence, social intelligence, networking skill, reciprocal altruism, etc. One of the things that we can do every day is review these 24 factors and which one of these need more attention in order for us to be more effective more efficient, more precise, more productive, and more self-aware





What is the limit to human potential? My guess is, that other than the limits provided by the laws of physics there are none.


Part of human potential is learning and applying shortcuts whenever possible. We call this process Lifehacking. 

You can Become a Master of Lifehacking and Reduce Unnecessary Struggle in Your Life through our Course 


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In the Course in you will learn about;

  • The 24 Core Resources (TCR)  everyone has access to that do not require cash,
  • How to reciprocally trade the 24 Core Resources with others (advanced barter skills),
  • Creative and innovative thinking,
  • How to invest barter and convert it to cash,
  • How to increase the value of your cash instantly,
  • How to distinguish between what you want with what you need,
  • Using Repair Cafes to create wealth through eBay,
  • Virtually foolproof investment strategies,
  • Build wealth through digital marketing with no cash investment,
  • Mastering the art and science of Intentional Living,
  • Build a comprehensive and personalized Life hack system using Holistic (Harrison’s) Applied Game Theory,
  • Learn hundreds of MacGyverisms
  • Deal with any catastrophic event


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Come with an open heart and an open mind and together we can explore the very limits of human potential.


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