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Learn to “Game” Any System by Knowing Your Strengths and Weaknesses.

Today’s blog is about becoming more effective by defining your natural strengths and weaknesses


The one thing that every strategist and player in a game has in common with every other strategist and player(s) are the skills and resources they bring to the table or playing field.  In my development of Applied game thinking models, I have always been aware that different players have different strengths and weaknesses. Over the years I have isolated Nineteen Strategic Resources* (NSR*). The possession of, or lack there-of these often determine whether a person will win or lose in a particular game.

These NSRs are specific tools and concepts that one can explore, leverage, and apply to address various challenges.  When they are mastered the NSRs can be used to create the reserve needed to survive and even prosper in times of scarcity. They also give us the ability to create greater love, freedom, and abundance enabling us to use systems more effectively.

The skilled decision maker has the ability to balance between two approaches:

  1. Microanalyses – A study of the parts that make up a system. This approach often requires less time, produces less waste and is more cost effective. On the other hand  this level of study is not always simple, often requiring grreater skills and more sophisticated tools, and techniques.
  2. Macro management – how to use the various interrelated components of that system. Add to this how our own unique personality and style relates to these two elements and a person can actually predict with accuracy what is likely to happen in the near future.

The Nineteen Strategic Resources are:

  • Time
  • Physical Energy
  • Space,
  • Information
  • Influence
  • Power
  • Emotional Balance
  • Spiritual Focus
  • Clarity of Thought,
  • Dependability
  • Personal Barter
  • The Barterable Goods and Services of others
  • Tools and Technology
  • Cash
  • The Capacity for Love
  • Relationship
  • Faith
  • Compassion and kindness
  • Physical Wellness


The master game thinker uses a plethora of skills including these NSRs. These include skills that a stage “Mentalist”, a magician, a poker player, and, a martial artist would possess.   In spite of how it might appear on the surface the skilled game thinker can’t see the future in any esoteric or metaphysical sense and yet it seems as if they can.  They can see probabilities that others cannot and can exert a slight effort upon even a small, seemingly inconsequential element in a system and effect large changes throughout that system. In this sense, one can actually influence the future. This is known as leverage. When leveraging is done, without anyone noticing that it was being done, one could actually appear to be defining what the future would look like. When we have an understanding of a system as a whole, and its component parts, just a slight amount of leverage can affect what will happen. This can be done with little physical or emotional effort.  The greater one’s ability to leverage various systems, the greater one’s ability to transcend challenges, problems, and obstacles when they arise or appear. They also have greater skill in dealing with adversaries in zero-sum life games.

Ultimately the more we understand of ourselves the easier it is to leverage our resources and manage change.




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