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Life Coaching Tips: How to Make Wiser Choices

In my work as a peak performance mentor and life coach, I am always fascinated by how people make decisions.

Here is an amazing video of a choice a couple in China made 20 years ago to save their daughter by leaving her on a bridge. She has found them recently.

Here is the video. Get a tissue to wipe your eyes. You’ll need it.


This concept of choices was brought to me again recently as I watched the film The Matrix for the twentieth time, In an early scene the main character Neo is offered the option of consuming either the red pill or the blue pill. Picking the red pill would result in the truth of Neo’s world being revealed to him, while picking the blue pill would allow him to continue in ignorance. Thus, Neo must judge the merits of the possible outcomes of his choice.

When I work with client’s especially those with strong intellects the greatest struggle they seem to have is in making the right choices. So let’s talk about choice here.

Choice involves decision making. It can include judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one or more of them. One can make a choice between imagined options (“What would I do if…?”) or between real options followed by the corresponding action. For example, a traveler might choose a route for a journey based on the preference of arriving at a given destination as soon as possible. The preferred (and therefore chosen) route can then follow from information such as the length of each of the possible routes, traffic conditions, etc. The arrival of a choice can include more complex motivators such as cognition, instinct, and feeling.

Simple choices might include what to eat for dinner or what to wear on a Saturday morning – choices that have relatively low-impact on the chooser’s life overall. More complex choices might involve (for example) what candidate to vote for in an election, what profession to pursue, a life partner, etc. – choices based on multiple influences and having larger ramifications.

Most people regard having choices as a good thing, though a severely limited or artificially restricted choice can lead to discomfort with choosing, and possibly an unsatisfactory outcome. In contrast, a choice with excessively numerous options may lead to confusion, the regret of the alternatives not taken, and indifference in an unstructured existence;  and the illusion that choosing an object or a course, necessarily leads to the control of that object or course, can cause psychological problems.

In Harrison’s Applied Game Theory anyone can learn to apply basic probability skills to make more efficient, effective, and productive choices.


Author Bio: Lewis Harrison is a peak performance expert and life coach. He is the author of 22 books and the host of “That Was Zen, This is Tao” a talk radio show on WIOX 91.3 FM.

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Lewis Harrison founder of the RealUGuru Project Think Tank is a master lifehacker, writer, mentor, success and wealth coach, content-rich, motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur specializing in problem-solving and strategizing based on game thinking, applied game theory, and Game Thinking.

He is the author of over twenty-two books published in five languages.


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