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Life Coaching Tips on the Benefits of Personal Development


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Thanks so much for coming to my Life and Peak Performance Portal, where I get to answer substantial questions about health, wealth, education, and personal development.       


Q. What is personal development? How does it work? What is are the goals? Etc.

A. In sense it might be said that we are all on a personal development journey. Self help in hard times can, after all, be invaluable. I have written a number of self help books, and I often have to explain how on a deeper level personal development goes deeper, than going it alone.


On a basic level when personal development takes place in the context of organizations, it refers to the methods, programs, tools, techniques, and assessment systems that support human development at the individual level. For some who have self-medication issues, or psychological addiction a personal development group might be self help groups for addiction like the Twelve Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. these approaches go into the core of our brains.


In spite of the name of this blog I am no self help guru, still I believe I have something to offer the serious student. Here are a few benefits  on what one can gain from bringing personal development into their lives. This list is especially important if you are someone exploring self help for anxiety or self help for depression.

The tips include:

  • improve awareness and identity,
  • develop talents and potential,
  • build human capital,
  • facilitate employability,
  • enhance the quality of life,
  • contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations,
  • create greater financial success

Many of my personal coaching clients have learned much about themselves through sports betting. as I often say, ” sports betting is not gambling, it is an investment strategy based on game theory.” Learn more about this by watching this video below. Press to play.

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Of course, personal development takes place over the course of a person’s entire life. Not limited to self-help, the concept involves formal and informal activities for developing others in roles such as teacher, guide, counselor, manager, life coach or mentor. In my coaching work we use game theory as well as futurist thinking for personal development. This way of thinking frees us to support certain products and education services based on game theory and sports analytic. Videos on these ideas are spread throughout this educational blog.


The concept of personal development is something that has been trending in many   books, blogs, vlogs (online video blogs), seminars and workshops for decades. I have dedicated over a half-century of study, and exploration on this subject especially concerning self-help and personal growth.  Much of what I have learned came through the collaboration of an extraordinary group of educators, professional problem solvers, game theorists, and practical philosophers who all share a passion for ideas. Known collectively as The Work this system of ideas was organized under my guidance, but it is in no way, mine alone.  This philosophy is dedicated to all those who have worked with me over the last fifty years in the focused exploration, and evaluation of a diverse range of ideas related to human potential, personal growth, effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, self-awareness, happiness, wisdom, contentment, and living the meaningful life. Many folks actually gain these benefits from fantasy sports and the apply them to for winning the game of life. See the video below to explore this further.


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Terms, such as pattern language, Regenerating Thought Processes, probability assessment, and the Butterfly effect, are terms anyone interested in personal development needs to explore.

One of the challenges I have dealt with in creating my coaching work, is that some basic concepts related to human potential are often over-explained while others are merely touched on.

The solution, though certainly not perfect, may be the knowledge that something that truly grabs our attention can be explored further through the internet, specifically on Wikipedia, which flawed as it may be, offers ample footnotes and resources for most entries.

The linking of the many diverse ideas that define practical philosophy, is a difficult one, especially when it’s being expanded and explored through so many media outlets, and the social network.

When a juggler tosses balls, the path of each ball, from the throw to the catch must be just right.  The crossing of the balls in the air can create flow and draw the juggler, and those that observe the juggling into an ecstatic, altered state of consciousness. However, if one ball is fumbled the entire process shifts, and if a performance, that performance may suffer. I feel as if I am a juggler of ideas, evidence, facts, and experience and each of these is very much like a ball for a juggler. It is important that anyone interested in personal development have as much as possible researched data points, again and again to avoid factual errors – dropping the ball.

Throughout my studies of blogs, books, podcasts, and videos, I often encounter references to words and terms that I am unfamiliar with. I have explored many of them and renamed them.  They are interrelated, and each offers unique value for an individual interested in personal growth.

  • The Wisdom Path: This is a loose-knit network of physical and online communities. In these communities, an individual motivated by an internal, “spiritual hunger” or a “passion for ideas” can find support, mentors, and a community of like-minded people to help them on their personal journey. The Wisdom Path is not defined by any specific dogma, sacred text, rite, ritual, ceremony, or rigid philosophy.
  • The Work:This is the application of collaborative thinking as organized by my peers, associates, and students over half-a century. The Work includes, the Wisdom Practice*, a self-created approach to personal growth guided by Seven Pillars of Wisdom*.
  • The Seven Pillars of Wisdom: The key elements, and practices of those seeking to apply the PPLH into their daily lives.
  1. Meditation, contemplation
  2. Introspection
  3. Exploring your  cognitive biases*, and logical fallacies*
  4. Doing what needs to be done
  5. Living through love while serving other
  6. Game-based thinking*
  7. Singing, dancing, laughing communicating clearly, and being silent.
  • Hard-wired:There are some elements in human nature that are driven by internal forces, and that are distinct from intellect or conscious thought. These internal forces are driven by, and are a reflection for the most part of, genetic and biological factors.

   It seems that there are certain core elements of human experience and behavior that are genetically hard-wired within us. These include the need to: have faith in something, compete, create community, find a place for ourselves with some hierarchy experience Biophilia* – connections with nature and other forms of life.

As you can readily see, this practical philosophy is not limited to theology, religion, traditional philosophy, or the study of spiritual matters but also addresses issues related to the formal sciences. Every aspect of personal development needs to integrate a wide range of disciplines including creative, innovative, intuitive, critical and synergetic thinking.

Ultimately, my purpose is to assist an individual to explore, and if possible answer the important questions and by doing so prosper in every aspect of life.


HAGT or HarrisOn’s Applied Game Theory is my expansion upon the basic principles of classical game theory. The main distinction being that I never assume that the person I am dealing with is rational, or logical. That is why I offer a course on Harrison’s Applied Game Theory.



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Here is a short interview about game theory anf thr state of the world with award-winning journalist Phyllis Haynes and AskLewis director, Lewis Harrison


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This is a perfect time to refocus on what is really important in your life.

  • Learn the difference between what is rational and logical?
  • Learn to separate fact from fiction (and fake news).
  • Learn to recognize your hidden biases – the ones that get you in trouble.
  • Expand you financial freedom through clearer thinking.


Just to be transparent with you though , I personally endorse these products and have researched them carefully Just to let you know, the  above videos contains affiliate links to products and services. We may receive a commission for purchases

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