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Mastering the Mind

One cannot discuss Inner Wisdom without first discussing the mind, perhaps the greatest of all mysteries. The mind is at the center of our very existence and yet we are not really sure what it is or how it functions. We can’t master the mystery of the mind and yet we all want to understand what it is and where it is. The question of which human attributes make up the mind is a much-debated subject. In fact, there are many theories of the mind. A technical definition of the mind covers a wide range of functions and activities including aspects of intellect and consciousness manifested as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will, and imagination. Mind is the stream of consciousness and includes all of the brain’s conscious and unconscious processes. “Mind” is often used to refer to the thought processes of reason, thus a person acting without reason might be accused of “being out of their mind.”

In popular usage, mind is frequently synonymous with thought: It is the private conversation that goes on “inside our heads” with ourselves. Thus we “make up our minds,” “change our minds” or are “of two minds” about something. One of the key attributes of the mind is that it is a private sphere to which no one but the owner has access. No one else can “know our mind.” They can only know what we communicate.
As it relates to wealth, wellness, wisdom, and self-actualization the mastery of the mind can bring us to the realization of seemingly unlimited possibilities.

Of course, you can’t discuss the mind without also discussing the brain. In animals, the mind rests in and is influenced by the mystery of the brain, a complex organ located in the skull. The brain is the control center of the central nervous system, and is responsible for behavior. Scholars all over the world have attempted to describe the mind’s functioning from the detailed, microscopic perspectives of brain research, as well as the big-picture perspective, such as the discussion of personality traits. The question of whether the brain explains the mind has never been answered though it is a question that is consistently asked in ways and perspectives as wide-ranging as cognitive science, philosophy, and neurobiology.

If you have an interest in having a basic understanding of Applied Game Theory (and you need to) here is an interview I did with James Selman, a pioneer and innovator in Leadership research.

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