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Part 1 – A Covid 19 Pandemic Update

Concerning the pandemic – there are many facts we have not have been told about the coronavirus. Why the information has been withheld I cannot say. We have also been fed plenty of misinformation. What I am sharing with you here is not a conspiracy theory, fake news, or pseudo-science. It is supported by logical rational evidence. Read on to learn more…

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Q. Lewis, I am totally confused by the overload of information, much of it misinformation, I am getting about the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control keeps changing its conclusions and recommendations, and conspiracy theories are running wild. Furthermore, there are many public policy decisions that are clearly contradictory, unscientific,  and irrational. I don’t know who to believe or how to separate real medical facts from PR and Bullshit. Below are the questions and issues I would like to have answered concerning the Covid Pandemic.

The key questions I need to ask are:

  1. What’s the coronavirus?
  2. How are they assessing coronavirus symptoms?
  3. Why is there so much criticism of government rules?
  4. Can you give me an update on the lockdown?
  5. There is not just one coronavirus meme, but many. So to expand, not only what is the coronavirus but how do they know it exists?
  6. Talk about virus corona and the SARS virus?
  7. Why do treatment suggestions keep changing?
  8. How do we study coronavirus deaths?





A. This is Part 1 of a 2-Part answer to this question. You ask a lot here. Still, I will attempt to address all your concerns in this blog, assisted in part by an attached 40-minute video.

To begin with, it is clear to me there is plenty of PR and Bullshit being fed to us, even the most rational among us. I am very wary of those who rebel against what seems to be common knowledge, but I am equally wary of being lied to by the powers that be.

One of the things I have a great fascination with is taking a piece of data and seeing if it is actually a factual piece of data – data with evidence behind it. Often what seems like a fact on the first appearance is just fake news being passed off as fact.

One of the challenges with the Covid-19 pandemic is that many people who are experts in areas related to medicine and specifically pandemic studies have real questions and concerns about the public policy and health care recommendations being made by the medical establishment and government officials.



Let me state here clearly, that I make few assumptions nor do I believe that there’s a huge conspiracy of pharmaceutical companies, governments, and international influencers to manipulate every aspect of what is going on here. However, the definition of science is pretty specific – a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. An important part of science is the proper use of statistics – “the practice or science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions as a whole from those in a representative sample”.

One thing I know for sure, though I am not a scientist or statistician, is that for the last few months we have been fed misinformation, and bad science skewed by the Trump Administration, by the Centers for Disease Control, and the  World Health Organization. They constantly release statements as fact, that contradict previous things they have said. These statements also violate the basic rules of science. This has been extremely troubling for me while I continue to socially distance, and wear my mask, and gloves.



I’m surely not willing to jump on the bandwagon that claims that Covid-19 doesn’t exist. Nor am I willing to accept that there can’t be a treatment for it. There is of course much controversy whether ventilators are good or bad for people with the symptoms of what I am told is Covid-19. The important thing is that a lot of the pieces of the puzzle just don’t fit. Five or six accomplished and respected people I know who are front-line workers in health-care see the contradictions daily. In addition, an award-winning journalist, a nurse and two MDs sent me the same video of a respected medical doctor and researcher named Andrew Kaufman. In this video, he speaks articulately about his concerns related to extremely irrational information being disseminated by certain public health officials and organizations. Dr. Kaufman questions many of the different assumptions of these “experts”.

Covid -19  is not an issue that can be taken lightly nor can be addressed in a 6 or 7-minute video on YouTube. Below is an interview in which Dr. Kaufman is asked questions that are both reasonable and sensible. He answers them reasonably and sensibly.

Click below to watch the video interview with Dr. Kaufman.


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