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Common Sense

Tips, Tools & Strategies For Making Effective Decisions

by Lewis Harrison

Common Sense: Tip, Tools & Strategies For Making Effective Decisions by Lewis Harrison

This is getting more complex than ever and bad decisions can wreck havoc in our lives.

This is a book for the person or group of individuals who know they have  obstacle(s) to transcend or overcome. Whether they call it a problem or an opportunity to learn something and grow from the experience is irrelevant. Whatever their attitude may be about the challenge it is nonetheless a challenge.   The goal of this book is basic, and simple – to give you the skills necessary, through decision science, and game thinking   to addresses any problem, obstacle or challenge no matter how complex and achieve an effective solution.

Most problems can be solved with basic logic, rational thought, good advice, common sense and a respect for intuition and creativity. Intuition and creativity are essential here since there are some problems that do not respond to rational, and common sense thinking. These problems require a new or different type of thinking. This new type of thinking may take many forms including artistically based “design thinking”. This form of thinking is less concerned with dissecting a problem and finding the right answers and instead focuses on collaborative thought to find a workable solution.  By focusing on the type of question being asked rather than the answer one arrives at extraordinary problem solving can be achieved. 396 Pages Trade Paperback $24.95

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