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Some Simple Thoughts on Marriage and the Complexity of Sex

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Q. I am not married and am a bit scared of the institution. I know you have been married for over 21 years. Any thoughts on this subject?

A. I don’t have any specific thoughts however one of the books, aptly titled “The Book of Marriage” deals with the complexity of loving, sex, and intimate relationships.

Here is a funny little story extracted from that book. I heard it from an English professor who also happened to be an Anglican Minister concerning the complexity of marriage.

He told of newlyweds in a small town. It turned out that this young couple was known to be very sexually creative and both exhibitionists.  They rented a completely transparent glass house for their honeymoon and invited the entire town to observe the romantic goings-on about to take place.

What was not known to the town’s people was the fact that one of the two was a masochist while the other was a sadist.

After the wedding and the after party, the couple went to their glass honeymoon suite and sat on the bed quietly without removing a stitch of clothing.

The town’s people watched all of this for a few hours soon becoming bored.

Finally, the masochist of the couple turned to the sadist and asked the other “please beat me”.

The sadist sat coldly and responded in a monotone voice “No”.

The masochist more and more desperately began to call and beg “Beat me please. I’m begging you. Please beat me.”

The sadist continued to sit coldly and repeatedly responded in a monotone voice “No”.

…and they lived happily ever after.”


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