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The Fundamentals of Gamer-thinking and Gamer Psychology



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Q. Lewis, how can learning to solve puzzles make me a better strategist using applied game theory?

A. Let’s start with the basics of game theory. Below is an article (a 6-minute read) as well as a more in-depth video embedded in the article. Both were created so they would be understood by 12-year-old.

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Now to answer your question. All games have patterns and the more skilled you are at seeing these patterns the better a strategist you are likely to become.

The Games of the Natural World is Good is a Good Place to Begin

An excellent example of game patterns in action is “nature.” How can we explain the simplicity, complexity, and wonder that is the natural world? There is no way!

Nature, in the broadest sense, is the natural, physical, or material world or universe. “Nature” can refer to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general. Although humans are part of nature, they sadly, generally observe their activities as a separate category from other natural phenomena. It could be said that when we choose to accept the idea that we are somehow different from nature, it is here that cognitive biases, logical fallacies, and our suffering and struggles begin.

Gameplay is an essential element of what it means to be a high-functioning human being. To understand the nature of game-play one need only observe nature unfolding — the general realm of living plants and animals.

Beyond the game of life, is the game of natural things — science. By observing the natural environment, and the patterns found in wild animals, rocks, forests, and in general, those things that have not been substantially altered by human intervention, or which persist despite human intervention, we can see how things work through our more traditional concepts of natural elements.

All of the formal sciences, whether chemistry, geology, etc., can be viewed through gamer-thinking. In the “Game of Life”, it is crucial to understand what “life” is. Although there is no universal agreement on the definition of life, scientists generally accept that the biological manifestation of life is characterized by organization, metabolism, growth, adaptation, etc. These are the rules in the game of life within the natural world.

Many thought leaders believe that the closest humans can come to an understanding of natural law, is through mathematics, which is the foundation of classical game theory as initially developed by John von Neumann.


Classical game theory and gamer-thinking are crucial to making the best choices,  in human development. In the digital age and historically, the understanding of natural law and how to act in alignment with it was and is core to the creation of human culture. In essence, natural law referred to the use of reason to analyze human nature.

Theologically speaking, the need to understand natural law helps us to understand binding rules of moral behavior within. In a sense, game theory is an attempt to use reason to analyze behaviors that reflect human nature. What game theory and natural law have in common is that both can be observed as systems with specific elements that can be defined and named. It is these specific elements that help us to name the game that is being played out in nature.

Long before people were scientifically studying and defining nature, ecosystems, and gamer-thinking there were great thinkers who were exploring the idea of games and game-based systems in the creation of ancient societies, and how hierarchical, and competitive behavior developed in them.


The Takeaway

Unfortunately, we live in an increasingly competitive world. If you do not learn how to use gamer thinking to survive and proper you will be dominated (to tell the truth, eaten alive) by those to have done so.

One of the defining principles of my work in  HAGT (Harrison’s Applied Game Theory) is Actualized intention – a conscious, spiritually driven strategic principle that states;


The moment I am ready, willing and able to act on my intention, all manner of unforeseen events, and circumstances – ‘an invisible hand’ – comes into play, spontaneously, without discipline or willpower to bring to the fore an extraordinary process of love compassion, empathy, in the service of bringing one’s vision to fruition.”

 I want you to know in no uncertain terms, that ignoring applied game theory, or living in the illusion that you can important life-changing decisions without applying these ideas is a huge mistake in judgment.


Without life hacking/gamer-thinking, one is likely to be confronted with higher levels of powerlessness in a world increasingly defined by smart devices, thousands of apps, and competition.


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