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The Meaning of Life?

What is the meaning of life? I have heard this question throughout my life.


Possibly meaning is based on our perception and shifts in our perception. Often there are things that gave something meaning that might not have had any meaning just a few moments earlier.


You might say that meaning is all about what something means to you.  This concept can have great implications for how one thinks, makes choices in daily life, and even how one uses language and communicates with others in the process of consciously creating a life game-a new personal reality.

It appears, concerning the meaning of meaning, that we have an idea, a thought, a passion, or an interest.  Basically some “content.” But what is lacking is a place through which to express it. We have tea, but no cup to pour it in. In such a case the cup will have a great meaning for us in a way that it would not if there was no tea.


On the other hand we sometimes come into possession of some form, such as a tea cup, but have nothing to put in it. In such a case an idea, a thought, a passion, or an interest, or some liquid such as tea will have a great meaning for us in a way that it would not if there was no empty cup, or no empty form available to be filled.


The meaning of Zen or the Tao is like sand blowing through your fingers. It is there but not really. All one can do is meditate, chop wood, carry water, and practice ones practice.


In the end there is meaning because we have created it or accepted it when it was presented to us. This can apply to religious faith, rituals, ceremonies, and many other ideas, and forms. It is all a puzzle we have to put together.

It is through meaning that many of us create hope and possibility for joy and celebration in life and living.


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