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Is all this New Technology Driving You Nuts?

Let me Explain it to You.




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Q. I am overwhelmed by how much technology affects my life – social networking, smart devices, apps, algorithms etc. What are your thoughts on all this?

A. In my work in HAGT (Harrison’s Applied Game Theory) I often deal with how and why it is easy to lose touch with your center and fall away from the Wisdom Path. There is a  hypnotic quality to technology. The ideas of Edward Tenner, a visionary thinker concerning the negative influences of a tech-driven reality, addresses this. Many of us wonder about the benefits of technology without recognizing the costs to us. The widespread success of various antibiotics has brought us drug-resistant strains of bacteria. Many high-tech medical procedures are beneficial because they create an environment for faster healing and less pain, but on the other hand, there may be post-surgical complications that did not arise in the previous “old fashioned” approaches. It was believed that the advent of the personal computer would provide great benefits with little negative effect.


Though personal computers have increased productivity in many ways, they have also replaced one type of worker with new types of experts.  This new environment often requires workers throughout society to discard their previous skills for those required to effectively use computers.  All types of new medical problems have arisen from people sitting in chairs, repeating the same motion over and over and staring into the computer screen.  Back problems, hand and arm problems, and vision problems are the result of this new technology. Attention spans are shorter, and more is said online about less and less.

Achieving contentment will require more than technological advancement. It will require greater inner knowledge applied to digital technology.  Meditation, the study of kōans, the creation of a Monastery of the Social Network and other Wisdom based practices are the key tools for turning the digital into the post-digital, a place where innovative thinkers create digital tools to free us from what has come to be a multicultural, digital confused monkey mind – a mind that is unable to focus on anything long enough to understand it.



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