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 How can one go beyond the intellect to gain wisdom?


For those seeking to be happier, more effective, and to gain greater self-aware through information.

This Blog is taken from Lewis Harrison’s Peak Performance and Life Coach Training.



Peak Performance Rule #217, From the Advanced Coaches Training – “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity, laziness, or emotional baggage.”

 Q. How can one go beyond the intellect to gain wisdom?

A. The intellect helps us in making sense of the world. However, it does have its limitations. Intellectual knowledge implies the knowing subject and the known object. As much as modern, Western society values the intellect, and the accumulation of intellectual knowledge, the fact is that the intellect is not effective in action. Most of us act not out of knowledge but rather out of reaction to circumstance. As brilliant as a person may be when it comes down to applying this knowledge in everyday life few people are up to the task. And it is a task. Life is not a collection of intellectual ideas. It is not a process of the knowing and the known. We all have beliefs about things that are a mixture of cultural idiosyncrasies, religious beliefs, gender, chronological age, emotional maturity, media influence, sensory input, and many other factors. The intellect is incapable of defining and categorizing this vast range of experience for it is itself a part of that experience of phenomena. Intellect attempts to be objective and yet it never achieves this. Intellect is a subjective source that always seeks to ask the objective question. If the questioner is subjective, how can the answer be any more than subjective? How can the intellect grasp the intuitive nature of inner wisdom, which transcends the knower and the known? All philosophical theories are simply assumptions and guesses.


To connect to one’s inner wisdom is to experience absolute and transcendent truth. Intellectual attainments, rather than being a pathway to this experience, are an obstacle. Inner wisdom is not anti-intellectual but it also understands the limits of intellectual knowledge. After all, you cannot measure the speed that a river flows with a ruler. The great Chinese philosopher Chuang Tzu writes:

“People who commit excess in arguments, like piling up bricks and tying knots, analyzing and inquiring into distinctions of hard and white, identities and differences, wear themselves out over vain useless terms…All these are superfluous and devious growths of knowledge and are not the correct guide for the world.”





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