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Trump, Game Theory and Fake News


In recent weeks, many people who know that I study and write about Game Theory have contacted me about the recent Trump victory in presidential election. They wanted to know how many game theory experts accurately called the results. As you may know I once worked with Trump at Wealth Expos in over 11 cities over 3 years.


The truth is that most of the best theorists saw it coming. Even Michael Moore, who I once worked for saw it coming, though people thought he was kidding.

We are living in a digital age of big data, influence through collective intelligence and smart device Apps.


ReaUGuru Guide To Influence


If you want to live in cave you’ll do just fine but you want to engage the world you’d better get on-board what I call the “game theory gravy train.”

If you do so you will increase your success on every level while reducing unnecessary struggle. It is that simple!

In the last few years I have had many successes on a personal and business level. Though I am grateful for this and thank the many people that have given me their support and wisdom I owe my greatest thanks to the visionaries who developed game theory and have refined it over the decades. In a way O feel as if I am one of them, having created the concept of Harrison’s Applied Game Theory, an application of game theory that even a fifteen year old can understand and use in daily life.

So be ready for new blogs on game theory and game based thinking every few days and please check out my many books on the subject at www.RealUGuru.com

I will be posting short blogs here for a few more weeks and then all the blogs will be coming from the RealUGuru.com site.

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As I have recently written there has been much written lately about “Fake News” especially on Facebook, through various news feeds and social networking sites.


People who are bamboozled by “crappy” news have this happen because they are lazy thinkers. They want their information spoon fed, even if it is inaccurate information.

Many ask how I access to so much information, and relatively accurate information across so many disciplines and fields of exploration especially as it relates to game Theory

My research, sourcing and process has been developing over forty years. The key is it only take me 15 minutes a day to get this information.

In recent years the process has unfolded in the following way.

  1. I put a concept into the subject line of any number of internet based search engines. For esoteric or obscure subjects I often go to specialized search engines or off line sources including general knowledge English-language encyclopedias such as Encyclopedia Britannica and my mentors.
  2. Often my entry into and initial exploration of a subject takes place on Wikipedia, a free on-line encyclopedia. Wikipedia at times, being a collaborative information vehicle consisting of a diverse pool of contributors (some biased towards a certain person or subject) has been known to misstate facts or offer inaccurate information. Because of this I seldom use information directly from Wikipedia but use it as a starting point to explore the specific information in greater depth.
  3. At this point I usually check quotes or facts in Wikipedia pages for accuracy against at least three sources other than the original – meaning that the information in these sources is not drawn from Wikipedia or other on-line dictionaries or encyclopedias. Encyclopedia Britannica is one of the sources but there are many other including the NY Times, the Washington Post. the Economist, BBC, Al Jazerra, and others.


For me it is all a jigsaw puzzle requires the assembly of often oddly shaped interlocking and tessellating pieces. Each piece usually has a small part of a picture on it; when complete, this puzzle produces a complete picture. This book is, in a sense, an expanding picture that becomes more convoluted and complex as we explore evermore convoluted and complex scenarios that require effective, efficient, productive and wise decisions.


In order to compete effectively it is essential that we understand how game based thinking works.


A great place to begin is by reading my Ebook.


Winning the Game of Life: A Primer to Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory


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Winning The Game Of Life: A Primer On Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory



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