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Every morning I read news feeds of various types. Many are geared towards wellness or NYC corporate chair massage. Still many of these new reports are also geared towards Game Theory, economics, and politics. One of my favorites is Quartz.com.

As I was researching the effect of Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Accords concerning climate change I came across this short piece on Quartz explaining various elements of the story.

“The US’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement will be bad, but not that bad, for the rest of the planet. Every other country but Syria and Nicaragua is still committed to it, and the accord itself was pretty weak anyway. The global economy is decarbonizing on its own as renewables get cheaper. And climate-change mayhem is coming no matter what—it’s only a matter of degree(s).

For the US, however, pulling out of Paris may mark the beginning of the end.

China has the biggest renewables industry by far and is ahead of its target for bringing down its emissions and coal dependence. As fossil-fuel use further declines, Chinese firms will dominate the alternatives, while enjoying the most clout in setting global energy policies.

What’s at stake isn’t just opportunities in the cleantech industry (solar already employs more than twice as many Americans as coal). It’s a world in which China stands to become not only the biggest economy within a decade or so, but, eventually, an energy superpower. It’s growing military muscle and wide-ranging global investments in infrastructure will add to its influence, and its pro-globalization (and now pro-climate) stance will even lend China a grudging moral authority with the world’s other rich nations.


This is an entirely new geopolitical order—one in which, unless Europe overcomes its splits, an opaque autocracy will be the chief agenda-setter. Because of its size and weapons, the US, like Russia, will never not be a superpower. But, like Russia, it is on its way to becoming a second-tier one.

China will take the throne. And Trump, for all his complaints about China’s ambitions, has just dusted off the cushions and invited it to have a seat.—Gideon Lichfield


What many decision makers do not seem to understand is that every choice that is made causes a ripple effect and it is often impossible without serious analytical and “futurist skills” to know what that effect will be.


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