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Q.What is the RealUGuru Project about?

A. I was just asked this today by an old friend that called today. If you are a fan of the cult classic movie “The Warriors,” you’ll know her – Dedee Benray. (She was the leader of the girl gang. Dedee has been speaking about motivation and teaching yoga for decades. Here is my answer to her on the essence of the RealUGuru Project.


The RealUGuru Project is a Think Tank (research institute) with offices in NYC, Stamford NY, and Toronto Canada. It was founded by author, radio talk show host and practical philosopher Lewis Harrison. It is dedicated to the exploration of human potential, personal effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and self-awareness and mindfulness. This includes a focus on compassion, love, generosity, and kindness in the process of maximizing human potentila

The research of the RealUGuru Project into various models for greater efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity offers help and support to individuals and organizations in four specific areas.

  1. Tools, tips, and strategies for solving problems of all types.
  2. Guidance for those with a deep spiritual hunger – those who live in a “state of longing”, a basic approach by which to organize their personal journey. There are also those who feel lost and confused and need a safe place to explore what the meaning of life is. The Wisdom Path provides this.
  3. Those trapped in poverty as well as those who are surviving economically but not prospering and who see no hope for a life of financial freedom.
  4. Those who struggle with health and wellness issues and are seeking another path to wholeness that transcends the traditional approaches to diagnosis and treatment


The RealUGuru Project embraces all approaches to personal development built on love and compassion and uses the writings of Lewis Harrison and his team as a fundamental guide. Lewis Harrison, a practical philosopher, and meditation teacher, who is known among his students as the RaelUGuru has organized the ideas of many great thinkers and visionaries. He has presented these and continues to do so through various published books, blogs, articles, talks to small groups and throughout the social network

Within the RealUGuru Project are a loosely connected international community and online network of individuals who have an interest in what we call the “spiritual” or “sacred” life. This is a non-religious community of people engaged in meditation, contemplation, mindfulness, and introspection.  This group is known as the Wisdom Path Community.


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Lewis Harrison is a practical philosopher, mentor, and peak performance coach.

He teaches workshops and seminars on Eastern Wisdom, Zen and Taoist Thought, Applied Game Theory, and Personal Growth

To learn about how to sponsor a seminar with Lewis email him at LewisCoaches@gmail.com


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