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How to Create a Daily Spiritual Discipline

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Q, Do you have a system you use to create a personal daily spiritual practice?

A. Yes. I call it the Wisdom Path. No matter deep your understanding of spirituality, or how advanced your mental clarity, the fact remains that in your spiritual practice you will need to explore how the appropriate application of your individual talents, and resources, can help you create a life of joy, contentment, happiness, and wisdom. This begins with a state I call beginner’s Mind.

Many of the basic ideas presented in my work as a mentor and coach are drawn from Zen and Taoism.  Both traditions are in alignment with what I call the “Wisdom Path.” They each approach spirituality through metaphor and poetic thought while guiding one to surrender rigid ideas of what “Is.” Each of these paths has subtle differences that dissolve once one masters either one.  Though I acknowledge each, it is best to ignore the differences between these two approaches from the beginning if possible. The intention here is to learn to live life fully, with little or no unnecessary struggle.  Doing this doesn’t require a label.

A core element in my many books is the sitting meditation originating with the Soto School of Zen. This approach has come to be known as zazen.  Also integrated into the heart of the Wisdom Path is the exploration of kōans as practiced in the Rinzai Zen School, and the altered states of consciousness associated with various aboriginal shamanic traditions. These unique states of consciousness often arise organically through deep introspection, meditation, and contemplation.

The Wisdom Path is a community of like thinkers. We not only integrate practices drawn from the great spiritual traditions but also includes contemporary ideas related to Game Theory, Quantum Physics, meditation, trance states and Artificial Intelligence. Most of all the concept of the Wisdom Path is not static – It is a vibrant inquiry into “What Is” and what might be? Feel free to contact me if you wish to learn more about us. The aim of all of this is essentially the same – enlightenment or rather awakening.

In addition to meditation and the exploration of kōans, one must also learn to conserve resources and balance them.  This can be of great value to an atheist or agnostic just as it may be for the deeply spiritual person. By merging many approaches, one is in a sense creating a post-modern monastery. Here one may enter a state of awareness where one has less stress, less anxiety, less greed, less concern for the mistakes of the past or expectations of the future, and a true and authentic sense of joy and happiness.



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Lewis Harrison is a practical philosopher, mentor, and peak performance coach.


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