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Q. I’m very interested in personal development and human potential. is there any way to measure efficiency, effectiveness, precision, and productivity?

A. There are specific ways to measure what you are describing, commonly called peak performance.

In what is also known as Multi-Factor Productivity (a system for measuring; efficiency, effectiveness, precision, general productivity, and self-awareness),  each component, both individually and synergetically, is valued by how measurably productive it is both alone and collaboratively. By productivity I am referring to various measurement tools that have been shown to be useful in predictability studies.  Examples include the architecture of sky scrapers, and sports analytics.

Productivity is not just one thing.  It is actually the measurement of multiple factors. When each of these is measured individually they are known as “partial productivities.” In a way, partial measurements are defective because they are neither not holistic, or synergy driven in scope. In addition they do not create an environment for emerging developments. Partial productivities only measure some things but not others. In some situations it is possible to interpret correctly the results of partial productivity and to benefit from them in practical situations. Still the interests of a person with a commitment to peak -performance lies in a different direction.

In the realm of human potential, and personal development, integrative measurements of physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual factors can be invaluable.



In the human potential movement, figuring out a way to measure Multi-Factor Productivity was until recently a great obstacle. It has, however, been largely solved by many visionary thinkers who developed production formation models where productivity was an integrated factor of efficiency, effectiveness, precision, and self-awareness.

When all outputs of resources and inputs of benefits are included in the productivity measure it is called total productivity. Accurate measurement of total productivity necessitates considering all production inputs. This is especially important in our work in isolating and addressing obstacles. We will explore this in greater depth in the lesson “Obstacles”.

It is not easy to explore and organize information concerning the phenomenon of Multi-Factor Productivity, measurement of productivity, distribution of productivity gains, and how to measure such gains. One approach to measuring productivity might explore increases, or decreases in individual elements of productivity and how the distribution of the ’fruits of this productivity’ has served the world and made it a better place. In terms of measuring self-awareness

The growth of total Multi-Factor Productivity is always a dance between the conservation of many different human resources and their application in addressing obstacles.


The growth of total Multi-Factor Productivity (EEPPSA) is important to the personal development process because through a feedback-circular loop the more EEPPSA there is in action the more EEPPSA grows because of that action.

In the most immediate sense, the level of Multi-Factor Productivity is determined by the available technology or know-how for converting the 25 Resources into greater EEPPSA outputs, and the way in which these resources are organized to produce greater EEPSA. Historically, Multi-Factor Productivity has improved through evolution as processes with poor productivity performance is set aside and newer forms are brought into play. Process improvements may include organizational structures (e.g. primary functions and collaborative support systems and empowering relationships), systems, collaborative arrangements, access to tools and technology, and changing environments. A famous example is a creative and innovative thinker who usually works alone and who decides to create a support team of innovative and creative peers to remove an obstacle or solve a problem. Now imagine this team harnessing the most positive elements of the computer, and information, and communications technology. This could take EEPPSA to new levels never imagined. Here the innovative thinker serves the team and vice-versa – and in the best of circumstances makes the world a better place because of this innovation.



There is a general understanding among personal growth teachers of the main determinants of Multi-Factor Productivity. In my own exploration, I have identified five motivators that interact to underlie long-term Multi-Factor Productivity performance:

  1. conservation and balance of the 25 Resources,
  2. innovation,
  3. skills,
  4. creativity,
  5. teamwork

Many are surprised that I mention competition. They believe, falsely, that competition is a negative thing. In fact, competition improves EEPPSA by creating incentives to innovate and ensure that the 18 Resources are allocated to the projects that require them the most.

Competition can also motivate an individual to organize their priorities more effectively through modeling (imitating) the practices and systems of others with similar talents, resources, and goals.

For the individual seeking to maximize their potential, understanding Multi-factor productivity can give them the tools they need to move to the next level.

The think that needs to be remembered that a person locked in the “mind prison” of cognitive bias and logical fallacy has created and embraced a mental prison of their own creation.

The choice here is this – How committed are you to consistently moving your EPPSSA to the next level?


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