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Affective Neuroscience, the Emotions and How We Make Decisions




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What is the meaning of life, and how can you use your emotions to not only survive but prosper


Q. Lewis, Is there a scientific specialty that explores the relationship between the brain and the emotions.

A. Yes. It is called “Affective Neuroscience” As I have created the template for HAGT (Harrison’s Applied Game Theory), I have seen that the limitations in defining and understanding emotions and emotionally-based behavior in myself and others. Motivated by this awareness, I sought out and spoke with researchers about what was known about the emotions within the natural science community. I was told that the closest I might come to what I was seeking, was to investigate this relatively new discipline known as “Affective Neuroscience.” Affective Neuroscience integrates elements of neurology, sociology, and psychological research into mood, emotion, and personality. This then led me to an academic discipline that explores the influence of biology on the emotions known as biological psychology. Biological psychology which is also known as biopsychology, psychobiology, physiological psychology, behavioral neuroscience, and neuropsychology. This is the scientific study of the biological bases of behavior and mental states.



Did you know that many affective neuroscientists and biological psychologists believe that emotions are related to those areas of the brain (known as the limbic system) that control our motives, attention, motivation, and behavior?


However one may choose to define an emotion, many affective neuroscientists and biological psychologists believe that emotions are related to those areas of the brain (known as the limbic system) that control our motives, attention, motivation, and behavior. It is these same areas of the brain that define and prioritize the importance of events and circumstances taking place around us. For me, this was an epiphany, since it is the defining and prioritizing of import events and circumstances that take place around me that has been a core element of my approach to game theory.

For those seeking to create life games of power and influence, new discoveries about the brain, the emotions, and the nervous system are being brought forth daily, and it is essential that such individuals remain up to date on new breakthroughs in these areas.


One of the most fascinating areas that I explored in my own research was the distinction between passion and obsession.  I saw that a passionate person could create a life game motivated and inspired by positive goal-directed actions; whereas, individuals with addictive personalities would likely increase negative and destructive addictive patterns and behaviors when encountering the object of the addiction.


Keeping this in mind, as you create your new life game, or tweak the one you are living, please focus on that which you are passionate about and remember that whatever emotions actually are they are valuable to:


  • Isolating and understanding what parts of our external environment are essential and have real importance.
  • Surviving in dangerous situations by causing us to be productively fearful.
  • Helping us to understand that there is a consequence to our actions and helping us to define just what the consequence may be.
  • Giving us a sense of time and space so that we may shift our behaviors for the purpose of achieving certain goals.
  • Emotions also give us a sense of the value of delaying short-term gratification so that we may achieve these goals.
  • Creating an environment where introspection and contemplation can take place.
  • Creating an environment where conscious, subjective, intuitive awareness can expand, especially concerning the behaviors of others


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