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Tips on Problem-Solving


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Q. What is the primary cause of our problems?



A. Often we tell ourselves that some person, place or thing is keeping us from doing what needs to be done. Speaking directly to you from the perspective of the Wisdom Path, part of your daily practice needs to focus on the organizing of what you perceive to be problems or specific obstacles so that each one can be effectively addressed. An easy and effective way of doing this is to divide problems into four primary groups or classes. Actually, they are not all problems. Let’s distinguish between them.

  • Challenges Of Limited Personal Resources: These reflect your lack of skill.  A key example is the inability to use the best tool in a particular situation.
  • Challenges Resulting from Internal Obstacles: These reflect genetic or biological factors that are beyond your control.  These can include height, gender or some genetic predisposition.
  • Problems Resulting FromExternal Factors beyond Your Control: These types of obstacles are often tied to a situation or environment and on a micro level might limit your ability to find like-minded people or a quiet place to meditate. On a larger level, such factors might even influence global warming.  Few obstacles are insurmountable and a clear-thinking person with clear intention can usually transcend them.
  • Belief-Based Obstacles:Any belief can influence virtually every aspect of your life.  It is your beliefs that create the rules you choose to live by.  Many of these beliefs are misguided and may interfere with your productivity and effectiveness in utilizing the resources that are readily available to you.  Not all Belief Based Obstacles are negative.  I certainly do not want to discard the power of faith. However, many misguided religious beliefs can prevent you from transcending an obstacle, you might easily transcend without this misguided belief. The most common belief-based obstacles include acting without assessing your motivations, a fear of failure, surrounding yourself with unsupportive people, believing what authority figures tell you is or is not possible and ignoring important details.


Some individuals mentally freeze when confronted with external circumstances beyond their control. They feel overwhelmed and genuinely feel victimized by circumstances.  Often they have made some decision that has created the obstacle that they feel imprisoned by. This happens for many reasons. It may be that they focus on the wrong resources at the wrong time, delegate ineffectively, lack essential skills, have poor time management, priority planning or organizational skills, or are attached to some false belief. Applying the five pillars of the Wisdom Practice will help you to transcend this state of paralysis.


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If you have an interest in having a basic understanding of Applied Game Theory (and you need to) here is an interview I did with James Selman, a pioneer and innovator in Leadership research.


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