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 Understanding Cause and Effect



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Q. I understand the basic idea of cause and effect. Can you describe it in relation to game theory and strategizing for success in life?

A. Cause and effect are central to most of what we do in life.

History, anthropology, memory, the choices we make in the present and the choices we make for the future are all based on some level on the concept of cause and effect. Change after all is what drives life; then there are actions and responses to those changes.

The idea of the law of cause and effect is central to the lives of billions of people through a belief in the idea of karma and reincarnation. Whether there is any truth in these beliefs doesn’t really matter for whether karma and reincarnation even exist does not change the fact that the universe clearly has laws of cause and effect. In your Wisdom Practice, you will learn to live within these laws quietly and peacefully while doing what needs to be done.

Most people who think and behave in ordinary ways will attempt to fulfill their desires by controlling the world around them. Each act of control is like throwing a pebble in a pond, with waves of action and reaction flowing out from the act. Ultimately, the need for control will fail and in doing so allow all manner of chaos and struggle to arise. It is likely when all this comes about the person with a need to control will complain about all that has resulted from their actions without knowing that they are the source. The only way to transcend this is to learn the distinction between causation and responsibility.

Wisdom enables us to explore new ways of viewing the laws of cause and effect as they relate to being “in the moment.” In ordinary living, it is easy to say that when a person causes something to happen, they are responsible for that thing. In the Wisdom Practice, this is not necessarily so. To cause something to happen implies that one has produced an effect or given rise to an action, phenomenon, or some condition. This does not necessarily imply responsibility. To be responsible means a person is accountable for some event,  action, or a decision that has been made independently. This is an important distinction which must be explored in order to be able to be in the world without regrets or expectations.

The process of self-awareness can be defined largely by how you create even small boundaries as you distinguish one thing from another. In this way, the difference between what you “cause to happen” and what you are actually “responsible for,” become two completely different things.

An understanding of the distinction between cause and responsibility enables you to live in the moment, without the slightest regret or expectations, and with a compassionate heart. This is the essence of the Wisdom Practice.

To be alive you must create. I am not just speaking of creation here in the artistic sense. I am speaking of creation as the way you form the elements of your life.  Creation is a profound expression of an endless supply of causes and effects. Every second is a cause and an effect.


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