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When I coach clients in HAGT (Harrison’s Applied Game Theory) I am always looking for ways to help them increase the joy in their lives with as little struggle as possible.

For me game theory is not about just strategizing to win, but rather an approach to creating scenarios where everyone gets to win and one’s quality of life is improved.

One of the challenges for urban dwellers (those who have decided that they must live in a big city to survive and prosper) is how to experience nature (wiki the word “biophilia” for more on this). This isn’t always easy to do, once you’ve done the Central Park, Prospect Park thing. Still, it’s nice to camp out or sleep on a beach without getting arrested.

Well, there is a way to do this, (Camp out on the beach).  I came across a great article  in the NY Times about  something called  “Camp Rockaway.” The name caught my attention for three reasons.

  1. My parents used to take me to the Amusement Park at Rockaway beach. (There is actually a song by the Ramones about this experience – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79S5k1pgWZU)
  2. My grandparents spent the summers in a small bungalow at Rockaway Beach. (Then they went to Florida for the Winter)
  3. When I drove a taxi cab in NYC in the early 1970s I once made a wrong turn in Brooklyn and ended up completely lost at Rockaway Beach.

By reading the NY Time’s article, I learned that Camp Rockaway is an organization that operates a “popup campground” at Fort Tilden as part of a National Park Service pilot program. Fort Tilden is located in Rockaway, within the Gateway Recreation Area of New York and New Jersey.  When spring and summer have passed you might want to try something different. Fall is the perfect season for exploring historic Fort Tilden and all it has to offer — sunrise/sunset beach walks, biking, surfing, birding and nature watching, fishing, hiking and more.

Accommodations at Camp Rockaway include furnished safari tents, canvas herder tents, and bring your own tent (BYOT) campsites.  The property offers a communal fire pit and self-service kitchen, a picnic area, camp store, hammocks, and games.

According to the organization’s website “Recreational beach camping in Rockaway was popularized at the turn of the century.  The first wave of development brought bathing clubs, boardwalks, hotels, tent communities and roller coasters to Rockaway Beach in the early 1900s. Today, a new wave of creative business owners are rebuilding and revitalizing Rockaway.  Re-imagined for a new century, Camp Rockaway fuses beach camping heritage with modern amenities. Less than 350 yards from the ocean, located in a quiet corner of Fort Tilden’s nearly 100 acres, Camp Rockaway provides a unique home base to experience nature and easy access to popular local restaurants, bars, entertainment and happenings along the peninsula.”

Here is the article from the Times




Here a video of Camp Granada – remember the 1960s




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