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How to Solve Problems through Game-base Thinking


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Q. Do you have a system you use to solve problems?

A. A normal part of living is dealing daily with problems. Without a doubt, the most effective way to deal with these challenges is through applied game thinking.

Before one can solve a problem it is essential that we understand what exactly a problem is? We often speak of problems but in reality, there is no single definition of what a problem is. Some definitions include:

  • Any situation which is unwelcome.
  • Any challenge that needs to be dealt with and overcome.
  • An inquiry into some question to which the answer is not obvious.
  • Some process we have chosen to engage in that is difficult to achieve or accomplish

The most common words used to define a problem include; jigsaw puzzle, trouble, worry, hiccup, setback, catch, predicament, stumbling block, hitch, plight, misfortune, mishap, misadventure, snag, pest, drag, dilemma, quandary, headache, nightmare,  drawback, obstacle, hurdle, nuisance, bother, pest, irritant, thorn in one’s side/flesh, vexation, pain, riddle, difficult and pain in the neck.

The concept of “a problem” can be observed from a number of perspectives. On a basic level, we can categorize a problem by;

  • The type of problem it is;
  • The cause of the problem;
  • The level of difficulty in solving the problem.

There is no one approach that is best for categorizing problems. Various problem-solving models will work best in specific situations. In addition, many categorizing systems have been supplanted by other models or overlap with them. Nevertheless, the underlying principles remain valid – a problem is an unwelcome situation that needs to be dealt with and overcome. One thing is clear; we cannot allow a negative attitude, an attachment to short term gratification, resignation or disillusionment to interfere with the process of solving a problem.

One of my mentors often said, “To be disillusioned you must first have illusions”.  Many problems arise because we project our own agendas and biases onto the agendas and biases of others with whom we feel a sense of rapport or connection. In the end, when we do this, we are often disappointed and problems rather than being solved are made worse.

Often what we perceive to be clarity of thought is nothing more than wishful thinking. In order to solve a problem with the least expenditure of energy, there are a number of things to keep in mind. To begin with, it is essential that one recognizes that without precision, focus and timing i.e. a system, one will struggle unnecessarily. In addition, most systems have their own critical times and resonances. The key to effectiveness in solving problems is to work with the natural timing or rhythm of a system rather than in opposition to it.



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