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Investing Strategies Using Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory

Hi. If this is not your first time on this blog skip ahead to the next paragraph. If you are new let me tell you a little bit about Applied Game Theory.


Applied Game theory is the study of strategic decision making.  On a very basic level it is how we can be more efficient, effective, and productive at the lowest possible cost when we have a specific vision and goal and we must interact with other people, places and things that may be or create obstacles to our succeeding.  Often it is our own cognitive biases that are the greatest obstacles. This blog addresses the “math” of objective choices but also focuses on the subjective nature of emotional driven choices.

This is simple stuff. If you know how to play Tic-Tac-Toe, Rock-Paper-Scissors, dominoes, and Checkers you can use Applied Game Theory as a path to wealth and success.


There are three key factors you must address when creating an investment plan.

  1. Are you seeking to invest for the short term or build for long term wealth accumulation?
  2. Are you seeking a conservative, low risk investment, or a higher risk investment with the potential for much greater returns?
  3. How much do you have to invest? $50, $400, $1,000, $2000?


To get a big return, through a short term low risk investment the best you can hope for is to take a memory course and then play black jack in a casino that uses 4 decks with the dealer. Then memorize the numbers, use the houses money to play and make them let you split your “hands”. Otherwise find what people need really bad and sell it to them at a 100% 300% markup. (Umbrella in a rain store or ice water on a beach on a really hot day.)

Whatever you do most experts suggest that you have $10,000 in cash savings before you begin to invest. This money is for emergencies, sudden moves etc. This is not difficult to do if you slowly increase your income while reducing your spending.
To do this I recommend two books, both written by me. The first is the about Bartering for Wealth Ebook  available at www.RealUGuru.com.



Wealth & Success Through Bartering 

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Remember that it is wiser to be an investor than saver once to fundamental security needs are met.

The reason for this is that holding cash means ignoring the potential gains of a real investment strategy.

Most investment books offer tried and true approaches to building wealth but not much original thinking.


My books combine many streams of thought including the idea that you can become wealthy without having any cash to invest at all.

With a little discipline, clarity of thought and self-awareness you will prosper in ways that seem magical to others.


So let’s get started….


The Rule of Two…

The rule of two is a series of distinct yet connected ideas with two elements in each that if applied consistently will bring you wealth and success. For Example:

  1. Increase your income
  2. Reduce your expenses


Another is…

  1. Maximize your potential
  2. At the lowest Possible cost


Another is…

  1. Do what needs to be done.
  2. Not what you want to be done.


Another is…

  1. The best leader is…
  2. The best delegator



With these rules in place and a clear sense of how to apply them you are on the road to wealth and success.

We are going to start small, with a simple $50 a month investment. However if you have absolutely no cash to invest there is also a strategy for you.


If you are looking to take the next step in your life  a great place to begin is by reading my Ebook.



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Winning The Game Of Life: A Primer On Lewis Harrison’s Applied Game Theory



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