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Juicing; Weight Loss and Wellness Programs


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Juicing and Juice fasting is an important tool in healing, detoxification, weight loss and in certain corporate wellness programs. When I work with corporation as a wellness coach I often include this with meditation and On-site chair massage. It is particularly popular with millenials who often have a hipster mentality and are willing to wait an hour on line at some mid-town juice bar.


Juicing is of course,  the process of extracting juice from plant tissues such as fruit or vegetables.

Juicing has been done for over a hundred years as part of the nature cure movement and in naturopathy.

Over the years many methods of juicing have developed  and these methods of juicing can range from, from squeezing fruit by hand to wide-scale extraction with industrial equipment.

The naturopathic physician Norman Walker, developed the famous Norwalk Juice Factory and in the 1990s there were many television commercials with the “juiceman”.

Why juice? Juicing is generally the preferred method of consuming large amounts of produce quickly and is often completed with a household appliance called a juicer, which may be as simple as a cone upon which fruit is mashed or as sophisticated as a variable-speed, motor-driven device. It may also refer to the act of extracting and then drinking juice or those who extract the juice. Juicing is different from buying juice in the supermarket because it focuses on fresh pressed fruits and vegetables. Residential juicing is often practiced for dietary reasons or as a form of alternative medicine. Becoming first popular in the early 1990s, interests in juicing has soared in the last decade due to a number of books, videos, and claims, as well as, the quick dissemination due to the Internet.

Juicing tools have been used throughout history. Manual devices include barrel-shaped presses, hand-operated grinders, and inverted cones upon which fruit is mashed and twisted. Modern juicers are powered by electric motors generating from 200 to 1000 or more watts. There are several types of electric juicers: masticating, centrifugal, and triturating juicers. These variations are defined by the means of extracting the juice.

  • Masticating(also referred to as cold pressed[2]) – utilizes a single gear driven by a motor; slower operation; kneads and grinds items placed in a chute
  • Centrifugal– (also referred to as high-speed juicing) – utilizes a spinning blade that resembles a grated basket; faster operation; quickly grinds items and discards pulp in a receptacle
  • Triturating– utilizes twin gears; slower operation; often has multiple uses


One of the limitations concerning juicing is that the process removes the fiber content of the fruit or vegetable, and the full benefits of the plant is thus not experienced. Re-adding fiber to the juice cannot be equated to whole fruits. There is a loss in non-extracted polyphenols, a class of phytonutrients, in fruit juice compared to whole plant foods. [Most polyphenols are bound to the plant fibers, and constitute the major portion of dietary polyphenols.[7]There is therefore a marked loss of phytonutrients in consuming fruits and vegetables through the juicing process alone.

Juicing may not be the best way to extract all of the nutritional value from fruits and vegetables. For instance studies show that when juiced grapefruit was compared with blended, the latter was superior.  Smoothies, which are the blending of fruit into juice, not the extraction, leave pulp and seeds within the drink leading to better nutrition.

If you are going to create a wellness program that includes chair massage, stress management and nutrition use smoothies instead of juice.


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