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Only Read This Blog if You Support Donald Trump. Liberal and Progressives Please Do Not Read This!

Q. Lewis, I am on the fence about who to vote for on election day; Trump or Biden. Do you have any thoughts on this?


A. Funny you should ask.


I asked my friend’s,  many of who support Donald Trump, to sell me on voting for him.


I said I would put any biases I have aside, and listen carefully to their data points. Then I would research what they said, looking checking their facts and sources and research as much of the truth on an issue that I could isolate.


This is where the journey, took me


Let’s begin here.


Let me begin by saying that I do not particularly like Biden.


I think Trump was great on Israel.


I like the fact that Tump forced NATO and Korea to pay more for their own protection.


Other than these two things, and in spite of what Trump’s supporters claim, Trump has kept very few of his promises.




I worked with Trump at over 30 wealth expos.

When I worked with Trump (https://lewiscopywriting.wordpress.com/2016/08/15/lewis-s-harrison-the-realuguru-worked-with-donald-trump-up-close/)  it was clear he was charismatic, shoots from the hip, and says what’s on his mind without censorship. In a political leader, these can be seen as good or bad qualities.


Maybe Trump is a better choice than Biden. Let’s explore the evidence-based facts.





Trump has lied over 20,000 Times since 2016

  1. The wall between the USA and Mexico: Trump lied about the wall with Mexico. He has claimed to have built it, but the fact is it is just an old fence torn down and replaced with a wall. There is no more length of wall than there was before. You can research this if you wish. Pro-wall people have been duped.


  1. Trump policies in Latin America:

His policies have hurt their economies, especially in Guatemala, and El Salvador forcing more people to try and cross the border here. He can stop some but not most of these people, wall or no wall.


  1. Abortion:

I believe in a woman’s right to choose. Any real libertarian would. I don’t think the government should tell a woman what to do with her body. But for those who seek to ban abortion just make sure you don’t get pregnant (or get someone pregnant), unless you want to raise a baby. I personally know three women who are Trump supporters who have had abortions and would fly somewhere to have another one if needed.  – Definition – Hypocrite – Hypocrisy is the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes another or the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform. In moral psychology, it is the failure to follow one’s own expressed moral rules and principles.


  1. The National Debt, Education and Immigration:

A 1% increase in taxes on billionaires (not even millionaires – but billionaires) would greatly reduce the national deficient that Trump’s tax bill created. It would also provide needed funds for education in general and for technology in particular. For those Republicans who are opposed to immigration, this would be a wise thing. They will then have home-grown scientists and techies to really make America great. Where else will the US get scientists? From the Boogaloo Boys, or the Proud Boys?

Trump is cutting funds for social services (many of which you may benefit from). You say, and his supporters say “He has a plan!” I’ve been waiting for this written plan, on paper for 3 ½ years. Based on basic and simple thinking there is no plan. Not for pre-existing conditions either.


  1. If you don’t care about honesty, or competency in the Presidency:
  • Trump thinks it makes him a better businessman to go bankrupt and not pay his debts (6 times now.)
  • He uses the office of the President to increase his wealth.
  • He has failed our partner’s in Asia, allowing China to become stronger and more defiant, expanding into the South China Sea. His tariffs have hurt poor working people in the US. Tariff Chinese goods have put soybean farmers under. He promised them 12 Billion to save them. Big Agribusiness got the money. Little family farms got screwed. They never got the money.



  1. The Stock Market:

Under Trump, the stock market did well but the general economy was generally flat in spite of what he promised and many jobs have been lost due to trade wars that were unnecessary.

How many Americans own stock?  Thus far in 2020, Gallup finds 55% of Americans reporting that they own stock, based on polls conducted in March and April. That means 45% of Americans do not benefit from a strong stock market.

As of 2020, the top 10 percent of Americans (Americans who received major tax breaks under the Trump plan) owned an average of $969,000 in stocks. The next 40 percent owned $132,000 on average. For the bottom half of the families, it was just under $54,000. We’ve seen a massive rise in the S&P 500 since 2009, meaning that serious wealth has been made by the wealthiest of Americans, every one of the rest did OK. The other 45% got screwed.

Now the market is dropping like a lead balloon. Up a bit one day, Big Drop the next.

These are facts, not my opinion. I have specifically chosen fact-based news stories primarily taken from news outlets that are not considered liberal.


  1. Lack of Support for America’s Political Process
  • Republicans have usurped the process. Long lines at voting booths, closing booths, fake ballot boxes, lawsuits to push voters off of the voting list because they didn’t cross a “T” or dot an “I”.
  • In Texas, just yesterday a bus of Trump supporters with guns, they call themselves the “Trump Train” surrounded Biden campaign bus off of a road. In my mind, this behavior is a direct sign of Trump’s leadership style. He still has not denounced them.


  • Trump he will not commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses. This is nuts.






  1. If you claim to be a Christian but don’t care about doing what Jesus would do.

There are over 500 children forcibly removed from their parents who will never be with these parents again. Can you imagine Jesus doing such a thing?

If you are so biased, no matter what the facts are that you will ignore the many patriotic Republicans who are supporting Biden

If you are a committed supporter of the Republican Party, watch this 60 minutes interview with the leaders of the “Lincoln Project” a group of Republicans who oppose trump’s reelection



9. You are a one-issue voter and Don’t Care about Corruption and Lies:

Maybe your thing is Pro-Life, or Guns, or Israel, or Fracking, or reducing taxes for the wealthy. One issue voters often find that all the other issues they ignored (anti-pollution regulations that Trump dumped for instance) comer back to bite them on the butt. Trump and his team have insisted that Biden is tainted. I have spent hours of research on this issue (I hope you have as well). Maybe Biden or his son have done something illegal or corrupt.  The evidence is weak but maybe there. Maybe. Trump’s own representative said so herself when questioned on Fox News by Chris Wallace. It is just a smear campaign.


You can deny it all you want. Here are the statistics on Trump’s lies. It’s all on videotape. Over 2,OOO lies in the last year, 20,000 OVER THE LAST 3 ½ years.

Here is the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQruDaf7bKs&list=PLxVI0C3dXjtQIRQJRZ8JLSXMUKlzBsvBb&index=36





  1. Unfulfilled Promises…As of today

At the last debate Trump promised he would do three things. A. Release his taxes. B. Offer a solid defined health care plan to replace Obama Care, a plan that assures that pre-existing conditions will be covered. C. Present a vaccine for Covid (He said it would be ready by the New Year).

If you have not noticed this, even if you still intend to vote for him, you are in complete denial. He has not and most likely will not deliver on any of these promises.

Here are more stories about serious and committed ideological conservatives and libertarians who refuse to support Donald Trump.

  1. Why A Republican Newspaper that has never supported a democratic candidate is supporting Biden. This goes for the former GOP Chair of New Hampshire.








  1. You are willing to ignore what Trump’s former Chief of Staff has to Say:

John Kelly – Trump’s Former Chief of Staff. – From “The Hill”, a non-partisan news-source


  1. You notice Biden’s stutter and gaffs and use it to guess that his brain is going down-hill.

Someone who supports Trump sent me a video of Biden speaking. There are a few gaffs and stutters in there. She thinks this indicates cognitive problems in Biden.  Actually, a stutter is often the reflection of a person thinking faster and more profoundly than they can speak those ideas. “Yup,” I said, “Biden stutters and gaffs. You got him”.

Those are gaffs. Thanks

“Do you have any thoughts on this short video below? Do you think this fits the definition of a series of gaffs?

If you don’t like videos here is Trump’s irresponsible, lying, delusional quotes on COVID-19

“It will be gone by the fall…”

“It’s just like the flu”.

“It will go from 15 people to zero”.

“We will have a vaccine by the fall”.

“It will go away if we sat calm”.

“It won’t go beyond 100,000 people”.

  1. Trump’s delusionary failure concerning Covid. Some recent statistics on COVID



  1. Ignore all I have said here if you wish. There have been many books written by those who worked closely with President Trump. Here a synopsis of all we can learn about Donald Trump, most from people who spent years doing his bidding.
  • Trump admits deliberately downplayed virus. He won’t admit that this caused hundreds of thousands of people to become ill.
  • Trump is a racist mobster, says ex-lawyer in book
  • In Trump’s world loyalty is the currency that decides who survives and who has the ear of the president. Sometimes, it spills into policy. In his account of the Trump administration’s dealings with Venezuela, John Bolton quotes Trump as saying of opposition leader Juan Guaidó: “I want him to say he will be extremely loyal to the United States and no one else.”
  • In Trump’s world loyalty is a one-way street. One can see by reviewing the revolving door for executive staff that virtually anyone other than his wife, his daughter and his son-in-law are disposable.
  • His demand for loyalty, over skill, competence, or faith in the Constitution and rule of law runs so deep that is partly why several authors compare Trump to a mob boss.
  • Trump is like a “12-year-old in an air traffic control tower”. For James Comey, the fired FBI director Trump’s leadership is a “forest fire”. Omarosa, the black former reality star who became an advisor to Trump whose book even by Trump memoir standards takes few prisoners, calls him “a racist, a bigot and a misogynist”.
  • “total lack of empathy, which is itself a function of extreme narcissism”.
  • Andrew McCabe, a former FBI deputy director who was fired by the Trump administration soon after Comey. Who Trump called him a “major sleazebag says that Trump is the “most prolific liar, I have ever encountered”.
  • Many former associates  (including the author of this blog who worked with and traveled from city to city in the US as part of a Trump “Wealth Expo” project) agree on the following.  Trump is ignorant, intellectually lazy, and has an incredibly short attention span.” Political advisors say he is all but impossible to brief. One anonymous adviser in a book says the president’s demands fall into three categories – the “flat-out stupid”, the “impossible to implement” and the “flat-out illegal”. Until we know who the author is, though, there will always be question marks over the book’s contents.
  • Cliff Sims is the former White House communications aide. He  wrote an insider account of life working for President Trump, and is suing the president in his official capacity, alleging that he used his campaign organization as a “cutout” to improperly seek retribution against former employees and keep them from invoking their First Amendment rights. “everything was personal to Trump – everything. In international affairs, he believed his personal relationship with foreign leaders were more important than shared interests or geopolitics.” Sims sees Trump as a man of “extraordinary talents and stunning shortcomings”.
  • In his book John Bolton the former National Security Advisor and a staunch right-wing republican says Trump sought help from Chinese President Xi Jinping to win re-election, by urging China to buy agricultural products from farmers in key states. Later in the book Bolton says, Trump “couldn’t tell the difference between his personal interests and the country’s interests”.
  • To Sims “everything was personal to Trump – everything. In international affairs, he believed his personal relationship with foreign leaders was more important than shared interests or geopolitics.” Sims sees Trump as a man of “extraordinary talents and stunning shortcomings”.
  • One may ask? If Trump was so bad why did you stay on board? There are many answers. Here are a few.

Why We Serve

For those who worked for Trump but later turned on him, why did you stick with him?

For Omarosa it was a matter of loyalty, even, amongst other criticisms, as she felt that as a black woman working in an administration low on diversity she offered political cover.

For others, there is a sense the loyalty was towards The Republican party, and an agenda, rather than the president himself. Partisanship shouldn’t be underestimated. As Sanders puts it, about joining the campaign: “It was going to be Trump or Hillary – help save the country or let it go to hell.”

Bolton says he knew of the “risks in-store”, but felt he could handle it. The two were something of an odd couple – Trump vowed to stop “endless wars” yet appointed a man of whom he reportedly said has “never seen a war he doesn’t like”. Bolton’s time in the administration saw aggressive policies against Iran, Venezuela, and others. His regret is that they weren’t aggressive enough.




Finally…Hunter Biden’s Brief Case

As usual the people howling at me about “What about that brief case. The briefcase”. Clearly pointing this out have not done their homework. I researched it and this is what I found

This article describes the facts as close as we can see them.



…and No! Guliani has not presented any fact-base evience. I’ve researched it. Have you?

. I hope this answers your question.


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