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Q. Are there any Taoist teaching or tools for #mentalhealth?

Q. How can I become financially successful with little to invest.
A. It can be done. Read the article below and give me lot's of "claps" below the article if you find it informative. https://medium.com/mediom-works/4-tips-for-new-philanthropists-who-are-investing-small-under-1-000-f4ed9cdac505

Q. Are there different personality styles for building wealth?

A. Yes. The article below will introduce you to this concept. If you enjoy the article please give it plenty of "claps". https://medium.com/fellowship-writers/the-5-primary-wealth-building-styles-d20e89a22bbd

#Decisions...Q. Why do I make poor choices so often?
A. It is because of specific thinking patterns that own you. https://medium.com/journal-of-journeys/how-3-thought-distortions-can-ruin-our-lives-8fcad2303256

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