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Tips for Organizing, Decluttering, Feng Shui, and Designing Stunning Interiors for a Small Apartment




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Q. Lewis, is there a simple and easy to understand system for self-improvement, personal development, and peak performance that can be tied to applied game theory

Yes. Within my work which is known as HAGT, (Holistic or Harrison’s Applied Game Theory) there are 24 Core Resources (TCR) essential to EEPPSA (effectiveness, efficiency, precision, productivity, and self-awareness). These 24 Core Resources (which include cash) are each an essential element for creating financial freedom, power, and influence without the necessity of cash. The TCR, which can be leveraged to intentionally  increase or decrease the value of the other 23 are:

    1. Time,
    2. Physical Energy,
    3. Space,
    4. Information,
    5. Influence,
    6. Power,
    7. Critical Thinking Skills
    8. Emotional Balance,
    9. Spiritual Focus,
    10. Clarity of Thought,
    11. Physical Wellness,
    12. Dependability,
    13. Personal Barter,
    14. Barterable Goods and Services of others
    15. Tools and Technology,
    16. Cash,
    17. The Capacity for Love,
    18. Relationship,
    19. Faith,
    20. Compassion,
    21. Empathy,
    22. Wisdom,
    23. Kindness,
    24. Body-Consciousness.


The full potentiating of each of these 24 resources from a perspective of positive personal growth, and human potential in balance with the other 23 is the foundation from which the skilled gamer thinkers and strategists can maximize their self-improvement.





Let me give you an example of how I use the TCR. Among these 24 Core Resources, one of the most important is Space:  When I speak of “space” as a resource  I am referring to a measure and defined continuous area or expanse. One that is either free, available, or unoccupied, and if this is not possible at least a space that one has the freedom to organize and design as one wishes.  Such a space might include your home, an apartment, an office, or a small garden. There are also predesigned spaces like the theater or a zoo. When I speak about space I also refer to game spaces – a specific environment where games are played. This might include a chessboard,  a cocktail party, and even a football (soccer) field.

I integrate a number of disciplines and systems to maximize the quality of my space including Feng Shui,  interior design, pattern language, applied game theory, and environmental psychology.

Since many of the subscribers of this blog live in urban apartments here are some tips on how to best design your space.


Adding plants and animals to your space can really make design plans a difference in your interior design plans


  1. Reduce clutter – Even if you are not a neat person get three or 4 nice sized boxes with pretty graphics. Name them “A Priority”, “B Priority”, “C Priority”, etc.  Take your clutter and put it in the boxes based on priority. Go through the boxes daily and toss out stuff you just don’t need.
  2. Limit furnishings to necessities and to special aesthetics, such as a sculpture, painting, or pleasant and fitting wall hangings. When you decorate an apartment with too much furniture and too many decorative items, it can create clutter, Especially the kind of clutter you are likely to load onto the furniture. Remember,  In a small apartment, space is limited. So, be very thorough, thoughtful, and rigorous in selecting what furniture and decorative items you want.
  3. Use pleasant scents to adjust your mood and the mood of the room. Use, natural scented candles, flowering plants, or essential oils to achieve this.  If using essential oils consider diffusers (or burners) to vaporize natural plant scents through your home.  Combine these touches with the appropriate lighting and your place will gain a harmonious ‘feel’. Some folks stick with one scent with which they have a positive association while others will choose to use different scents for different purposes. For example, you can use lavender, jasmine, or chamomile or essential oils in an oil burner when you have Lemongrass, ginger or cinnamon oils are also some examples of popular scents for meditation.
  4. Learn to appreciate simplicity in room layout and design. On an emotional level, simplicity and minimalism seem to encourage peace of mind, harmony, and contentment.
  5. Bring biophilia into your spaces. Biophilia is a hypothetical human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature: a desire or tendency to commune with nature. This means have plants situated strategically in your home or office and have living creatures as well in proximity. These can be birds, goldfish, turtles, hamsters, etc.
  6. Explore the use of color to affect the quality, size, and rhythm of an environment. Color is an essential tool in architecture and interior design. It can transform a space and have it appear bigger or smaller. Color can transmit light in interesting ways and add warmth to dark corners.

In feng shui, color is used to cure the energy and change the mood for success. It also represents the five basic elements of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. And each of the eight directions (north, northeast, northwest, etc.) is governed by one of these elements. colors, when used effectively, will make your living or workspace more conducive to positive emotions and collaborative interactions with others

The smaller your space the more likely that white should be your initial choice for the walls and ceiling. This is because white will expand the space and it emphasizes the shape of furnishings.

Some folks want a little high energy space in their place. One way to do this is to apply a dominant color to one wall.  Doing this will add depth to the interior space of a small apartment. This can also be the apartment’s focal point if you have art here or something else to which you wish to draw attention. To choose the best colors pick up a copy or Architectural digest, or a book on Feng Shui and colors.

Also, sue your intuition. You may not feel comfortable with some recommended colors. In such a case choose ones you are comfortable and happy with, colors that speak to you. A color chart is only there to serves as a guide. If your instinct tells you it is not your color, however, then that color is not feng shui for you. Good interior design is about emotion and a space you feel comfortable in is a happy space.


Research has shown that proper Space design and organization, especially in the bedroom, kitchen, and living room can affect your emotional and mental capacity, your wealth, creativity, and even fertility.

Now is the time to create a nurturing, healing, health and wellness-promoting space


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