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Q. Lewis, I’ve been reading about your investment ideas in sports betting and fantasy football. My interests lie more in the stock market but I have little to invest. Any ideas?


A. Many small investors are trying to figure out how to invest wisely, and get rich from the coming recession? Much of my investing takes place in the world of barter brokers and philanthropy, and I even offer a course on that. If sports betting, or barter isn’t your thing I have the solution to your dilemma. It is called Brand New. Operation Recession Takeover.

Here is a short 6-minute video below with wealth creation Guru Patric Chan. He will map out this investing system and give you the tips you need to create financial freedom through his system.



The system I work with ultimately explores how can a person generate an additional stream of new income from nothing during the down economy and invest it in stocks, real estate, or barter credits?” This can all be done with zero risk! That means…

  • Without going into debt,
  • Without using any of your own money,
  • Working 6 – 10 hours per week.

This is all done through applied game theory, and the same strategies described in the movie Moneyball – Analytics!





Let’s explore this investing system in greater depth and how it is the most effective, efficient, precise, and productive way to create wealth.

Step 1. You create $5,000 from an online affiliate marketing business. This business will succeed because the market will want what you are selling and there is no cash risk in getting started.

Step 2.  You take this $5,000 to buy stocks at below the market price, without using your own money and definitely not from your savings.

Step 3. You buy and you hold it – when the stocks rise up, later on, you’ll be rapidly increasing your money!





Although I can’t promise you that it will be doubled, the fact is it could double or even tripled. Who knows how a stock is going to behave after this.

Another option is to just keep you dividends each year, thus, you’ve just secured yourself a NEW PASSIVE INCOME FOR LIFE.

Of course – $5,000 USD is just a figure.

And what if, you are able to generate an additional $10,000 from your affiliate marketing business?

Instead of using the $10K to buy something for leisure, you use that to invest into stocks or real estate. That’s how you create wealth.

  • However, keep in mind that to ride on the wave, you have a relatively short window of opportunity right now.
  • If you want to achieve financial freedom this is what I’m suggesting to you– add value to the market and the world by offering something that is valuable and in return for that, you’re able to make money.
  • Then use that money to invest in the asset that is underpriced at this moment of time.





I have researched dozens of analytic investing software and finally found one that can lead my sports betting way of thinking to achieve riches in the financial markets.  This approach and valuable information helped me become financially independent and get off of the financial roller coaster.

In a time like this, during the down economy, where some experts even believe we are in a recession, there are a few simple ways to make money by applying an algorithmically based analysis of under-valued financial products.  This knowledge is the key to financial success.






Through this system one can learn:

  • How get blue chip stocks or prime real estate at below the market price.
  • How to take these highly under-priced financial products and build massive wealth, when the economy picks up again.
  • How to use affiliate marketing as the vehicleto generate income right now and use that money to invest in ASSETS that can create your wealth later on.
  • How to use a few simple strategies to reduce risk while isolating and riding a trend.  What happens next? When the trend comes up, you ride it and let it take you to the next level…






What I am here to share with you is a simple tested and proven way to increase your income from the comfort of your own home. You can how this works by watching a free 6-minute video. Please take this opportunity to make the right choice and get answers to important questions. I am not selling anything here. I just want to introduce you to something that has produced great value for me.






I do have a commission relationship with the gentleman you will be watching and if you want to buy into his system I may get a commission. My goal here is primarily to give people who have experienced financial stress during the lock-down an opportunity to learn Realistic and Proven Ways to Generate Income, and learn to use “FREE” Money to Buy Underpriced Assets!





About the Author: Lewis Harrison is an independent scholar on personal growth and human potential. He Coaches private clients in peak performance, transformation, and success coach.

He also teaches workshops and seminars on Eastern Wisdom, Zen and Taoist Thought, Applied Game Theory, and Personal Growth and is the senior guide at Lewis Harrison’s Transmodern Shaman Academy


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