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Trump Meets Kim Jong Un –                                                                     Viewed Through Harrison’s Applied Game Theory

In my work as a wellness coach and mentor I am constantly presented with the reality that many of my most intelligent clients are just plain overwhelmed by the constant flow of news. I have decided that once a week I will explain some news story in detail so that followers of the RealUGuru Project can keep in touch with world affairs through the perspective of Harrison’s Applied Game Theory.

Harrison’s Applied Game Theory is a systematic approach to strategizing and making decisions based on a defined environment (game space, game board or playing field) and how other seemingly rational agents (players) are likely to strategize and make decisions in order to win. In some environments everyone can win (non-zero sum games), and in others (zero-sum games) some one wins and everyone else loses.

Let’s apply this way of thinking to Kim Jong-un offer to meet with onal Trump an Trump’s acceptance of the offer.


This blog is derived from an article By Tim Fernholz posted Quartz – a daily newsfeed

Q. Is Trump meeting with Kim a good idea?

A.Donald Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un is a greater concession than Trump likely understands—and a bigger risk.


Q. Why should the presence of two humans in a room have such high stakes?

A. The reason a US president has never met a North Korean leader is that the US and North Korea have been, and continue to be, at war. Since 1953, a ceasefire has made that conflict largely symbolic, with suffering limited to South Koreans killed in provocative strikes, and the North Koreans who suffer in a gulag state or die fleeing it.


Q. How does international diplomacy usually work?

A. The leader-to-leader meeting is the highest level of commitment available. No prior White House would send the president into a summit that has not been pre-scripted with guaranteed results. Should there be no agreement, there is no face-saving blame to be put on negotiators, and little room left for diplomacy. And while the White House says this meeting is not a negotiation, that only raises the question of what the president is even doing there.

Q. Why did Trump agree to the meeting at all?

A. To entice Trump, North Korea said it would suspend the nuclear and missile tests it uses to protest military exercises between the US and South Korea. For his part, Trump is likely to demand an end to the North’s nuclear program. Kim won’t surrender it without concessions, such as reductions in sanctions and an increase in aid. Ironically, this is the framework of the nuclear agreement with Iran that Trump has lambasted.

Q. Has Trump thought this out?

A. NOT! That Trump would contemplate offering compromises after years of criticizing them suggests that he has not contemplated much at all, a suspicion that accounts of his decision.

Q. What is the involvement of out Korea?

A. South Korea’s dovish president, Moon Jae-in, is the prime mover behind the Trump-Kim connection. Putting his two spoiled, self-obsessed counterparts together is an extraordinary wager, motivated by impatience at decades of failure.

Q. What is the risk?

A. Will Trump be prepared. Will he even sit still long enough to learn what the US can offer in such talks, and what it shouldn’t.

Q. It could be said that this is a good idea. After all Nixonmae such a trip to China in the 1970s.

A. True, but Richard Nixon only went after the groundwork had been laid





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